Paintball and airsoft are two different sports that have come to exist under the same roof. Here at Insane, we love to host parties for both games. They provide different experiences and cater to separate groups of individuals.

Paintball is the more well-known option, which uses small balls of paint, launched from air powered guns that focuses on teamwork, strategy, and stealth. Airsoft is a combat-simulation game, focused on creating a more realistic experience for its players. Those players use guns that are made to resemble real-life firearms and shoot tiny plastic pellets, instead of the larger paint-filled balls paintball players use.

We have a 40,000 square foot indoor Airsoft field where players have the opportunity to play fast, non-stop airsoft matches which usually last about ten minutes each. We also have three separate outdoor paintball fields where players can play in the woods, on an urban environment, or on a regulation competitive paintball field with turf.

If you book a group, we supply all the bb’s, paintballs, guns, air, and protective gear, so you don’t have to bring anything other than clothing to play in. We love hosting birthday parties in Chattanooga, as well.


Airsoft uses 6mm plastic or biodegradable bb pellets that do not break on impact like a paintball. Airsoft requires the honor system by calling “hits” when you are shot, where paintballs mark an opponent so you immediately know when you shoot a player. Most games are typically “respawn” with a time limit and an objective that is trying to be achieved by each team.

Pros to Airsoft

  • Airsoft games are not messy.
  • BB’s are very inexpensive since they are just small plastic balls.
  • The guns look like real firearms.


Cons to Airsoft

  • It requires an honor system to know when someone is hit.
  • It is hard to see the bb’s fly once they leave the barrel of the gun.
  • The airsoft guns are more technical than paintball guns.


Paintball uses 50 caliber balls of paint that are made to break on impact, leaving a visible trace of paint when a player is hit. The games typically involve trying to eliminate the opposing team in formats such as “elimination”, “capture the flag”, etc.

Pros to Paintball

  • The paint clearly marks when a player is hit, so you know with 100% accuracy when you’re out.
  • The balls are large enough and heavy enough to ensure an accurate trajectory, allowing them to be tracked easily as they fly.
  • 50 caliber paintballs don’t sting as much as an airsoft bb. We have started using low impact paintballs to help make paintball more fun and less painful for more people.


Cons to Paintball

  • Players typically will get dirtier from paint and dirt when playing paintball. (Paintballs do not stain clothing)
  • Paintballs are more expensive when purchasing additional ammo.
  • The equipment is not as realistic in appearance compared to airsoft.