Come out and play paintball the old school way! Insane Paintball is holding our first Mechanical Paintball Gun Day on October 1st for 68 caliber players. To mix things up the old school way, we will be playing games on the Fortress field, Ambush woods field, and the inflatable turf field. Price is $49.99 and includes a case of paint with entry fee. We will also offer free 68 caliber rentals to players who want to jump in and play (first come first served…limited to 15 rentals). This is a great opportunity for players of all skill levels to come together and play in a less intimidating environment with guns that do not shoot as fast as the tournament guns in the modern competitive setting. To help players that may not have a mechanical gun (no electronics in the gun), we will allow players to use electronic guns as long as they are capped at a maximum of 5.5 balls per second so they are handicapped to not shoot fast. If you are unsure if your electronic gun can go that low feel free to call us and we can help you find out.