Have you been looking for a unique, exciting, and fun birthday party idea in the Chattanooga area? If so, then look no further! Insane Paintball/Airsoft birthday parties are an excellent option for all ages eight and up. We offer different packages for paintball or airsoft, and we have both indoor and outdoor playing fields so weather is never an issue. You and your kids are sure to have a blast!

For paintball parties Insane has the traditional “Special Operator” birthday package which includes 2 hours of playing time, rental equipment, and 2000 paintballs for up to 10 players. Additional players can be added to the group for larger parties. Younger players ages 8-12 may enjoy our “Young Guns” birthday package. It includes the same playing time and equipment for up to 10 players that the “Special Operator” package includes, but uses a smaller size paintball shooting at a lower velocity for a softer impact and less sting when getting shot. Both of the packages above include a private party room in one of our “barracks”, a FREE t-shirt for the birthday person and each player in the group will get a FREE gift as well.

The “Airsoft Assault” package is our birthday/group option for parties that want to play airsoft games. Insane offers a 40,000 square foot indoor arena called “Sector 5″ that is dedicated to airsoft play only. It features numerous types of cover consisting of cars, crates, buildings, blown up walls, and barrels to hide behind for cover. Sector 5 also has a pro audio sound system to really immerse players into the battlefield during each game. The Airsoft Assault package includes air powered high end Tippmann rental guns, tactical vests, and safety goggles for up to 10 players with 5000 rounds of ammo for the party. Additional players can be added if you wish to invite more. The birthday person will also get a FREE t-shirt. For more details on our group options please check out the “Groups” section of our website or call us at 423-624-2121. We look forward to hosting your next insanely fun birthday party!