“How bad does it hurt to get shot by a paintball?” “Doesn’t it hurt?” “I’m not playing because I’ve heard it hurts”. How many of these questions and statements have you heard from others or thought to yourself in the past? Once you start playing you realize paintball is very addicting, and it doesn’t hurt much at all while your adrenaline is flowing and you are hunting the other team. At Insane Paintball we want to help get more players in the game and not be afraid to try paintball because of the fear of getting shot.

To combat these common questions and statements, Insane Paintball has just begun offering our new “Young Guns” low impact paintball party option that is geared for ages 8-12 but can be played by anyone if they prefer to try it over traditional paintball. Young Guns uses a smaller size paintball that also shoots at a lower velocity so there is a softer impact when it hits. The guns and air tanks are also smaller and lighter so it is easier for younger kids to handle the equipment comfortably as well. Young Guns is also great for parents that are concerned about letting their kids go to a party where they will be getting “shot” and may come home with marks or small bruises. Young Guns drastically reduces the risk of getting bruised when a player is shot so parents can be worry free when trying to decide if paintball is safe. Don’t worry, everyone still wear full face masks with eye protection to ensure the safety of the player when playing Young Guns paintball.

Currently Insane Paintball is the only facility in the region to offer “Young Guns” Paintball parties. Group rates include up to 10 players and more can be added for larger parties. We look forward to this new group option being able to help more future players try
paintball and see that it is a lot of fun and not as painful as many people think it is. Give us a call at 423-624-2121 to get more information on Young Guns parties or check out the “Groups” section on the website for pricing and details.