The Foundry, Insane Paintball’s new indoor paintball field is now open for open play every weekend. At nearly 10,000 square feet, The Foundry is perfect for rainy days, tournament practices, and private group sizes of up to about 8 players per team. The floor is covered with artificial turf and has a padded backing so you can run and slide on it without injury. We are using inflatable bunkers that can be easily moved for unlimited field configurations to keep layouts fresh.

We have installed air fill stations that fill up to 4500 psi right at the entrance of the field so you can get air and get right back on the field without delay between games. There is also close to 2000 square feet of space behind the field that is also covered in turf for staging, spectators, etc.

All private groups, parties, and walk-on players during the week and on weekends can enjoy this new field in addition to our current fields, “Fortress” and “Ambush”.