Over the years our experienced staff has had the opportunity to have played or been involved in every style of paintball both competitively and recreational. This has allowed us to witness both the positive and negative effects of every format, industry change, and technology that has been introduced to paintball the past twenty years. Running a field we see first hand on a daily basis how these changes effect both new and experienced players alike.

Paintball gun technology has increasingly advanced to the point that the rates of fire are consistently high causing players of all skill levels to purchase guns that have more fire power to be competitive on the field. Unfortunately, to be competitive it forces other players to start with or upgrade their gear to equipment that shouldn’t be getting used against new players or by those who are just getting into the game. Due to this, we feel that large numbers of players are having a negative or sub par experience at an early stage causing many to stop playing. This never gives them the opportunity to experience paintball in its purest form that made us fall in love with the game in its “classic” format. We believe that these fast electronic guns and reactive bounce triggers have prohibited much more growth within the industry than many realize.

The “classic” format that was created in 2016 allows only guns that shoot in mechanical (no batteries) mode, or electronic guns that shoot at a maximum of 5.5 balls per second to be used on the field. This ensures that players of all skill levels can play together without worry of consistently getting overshot, having a frustrating experience, and ultimately quitting or not coming back to play in the future. It also keeps paint consumption lower which helps make paintball more budget friendly for the masses, while allowing players to play more paintball each day for the same cost.

Insane Paintball believes in the long term growth of paintball and we feel that not allowing high rates of fire by electronic guns will encourage more new players to play in a fun environment that is safe, exciting, and competitive turning more players into regulars over time.

Effective April 20th, 2019 Insane Paintball will be adopting the 5.5 bps maximum or mechanical gun only style of play for all recreational weekend play at our facility. We will announce any days that allow guns not included in these rules to be used ahead of time if we choose to allow them for special days or events. As usual, rental players playing with low impact 50 caliber guns will continue to play only with others using low impact 50 caliber gear. This new change will allow all players who have their own 68 caliber equipment regardless of skill level or experience to be able to play together on any of our playing fields. This should make for larger games with more players eliminating the need to split players into “tournament” or “recreational” groups. With our recently opened world class hyperball field, Insane Paintball intends to make paintball fun for all and grow the game from the ground up for generations to come!

We will be happy to help with getting your gun back to a manufacturer to be reprogrammed for legal play if needed, or check out some of the newly released mechanical guns on the market that are budget priced with a lot of performance. Feel free to give us a call at 423-624-2121 if you need to confirm whether or not your paintball gun is able to be played with at our facility.