Paintball is a fun and exciting activity, but the idea of getting hit and the pain, bruises, and welts that come with it may scare off new players. Low impact paintball is a newer alternative to traditional paintball that maintains the thrill of the game while reducing the pain associated with it, providing an enjoyable introduction for first-timers and younger kids.

What Is Low Impact Paintball?

The difference between low impact paintball and traditional paintball is pretty basic, and it comes down to the equipment used. A low impact paintball is .50 caliber, meaning it’s smaller than the .68 caliber traditional paintball. It also has about one third of the impact energy of a standard paintball. Why does this matter?

Simply put, getting hit by a .50 caliber low impact paintball stings much less. Players may barely even notice that they’ve been hit. Welts and bruises aren’t an issue, so the game is safer and you can focus on your strategy rather than worrying about the pain of getting hit.

Advantages of Low Impact Paintball vs. Regular Paintball

Aside from less pain, low impact paintball offers several advantages over the traditional version of the game. Some of these include:

– Smaller paintballs allow for the use of lighter weight and more compact equipment like air tanks and hoppers.

– Low impact paintballs make the guns more gas efficient, so players can spend more time playing and less time filling air tanks.

– Low impact paintballs use slightly less paint, so mess is kept at a minimum and the game is more environmentally friendly.

– The reduced pain means that kids as young as eight years old can play and have fun!

Low Impact Paintball at Insane

So, ready to play some paintball without the sting and bruises? Insane offers low impact paintball experiences in Chattanooga. All of our groups and walk-in players play low impact paintball unless they specifically request traditional .68 caliber equipment. We’re proud to offer this to everyone so all of our players have a better experience.

Group reservations can be booked any day during the week or weekend. Weekday and Saturday online booking hours are 10:30am-5:30pm and Sunday hours are 1pm-6pm. Make your reservation online or call us at 423.624.2121 for more information.