Use our space for your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party in Chattanooga!


What’s better than getting together with your wedding party and shooting each other with either paintballs or airsoft pellets? Our space is perfect for parties to rent out for a late night weekend activity or before you go out to the bars. We’ll supply all the guns, paint, ammo, and protective gear, you just have to bring the groom or bride along to shoot!


For Bachelor Parties:

Before you spend a night on the town, come enjoy a couple hours playing war and shooting each other with paintball guns and you’ll have tons of stories to tell for later on in the night. You can choose to either do a couple hours of paintball or airsoft which can be done during our normal hours, rain or shine, or call ahead to rent the space out at night!


Scheduling in paintball or airsoft into your weekend activities is a perfect way for members of your party that don’t know each other very well to break the ice and get to know each other better!


For Bachelorette Parties:

We can admit, getting pedicures and going shopping is a fun weekend, but we’re offering something that’s proven to be a more unique and exciting event than your normal bachelorette party activities. With our space you can create memories of painting the bride with a hopper of paintballs!


If it’s a rainy weekend, you can come enjoy a couple hours of airsoft in our indoor facility. This is a great opportunity for you and your bridal party to cut loose, and get rid of that pre-wedding planning stress!


Our facilities are only 5 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, so you can easily add us to your weekend activities and feel comfortable getting to our customized paintball & airsoft fields. Call for more information and details.