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Our facility offers four fields designed for fast-paced, non-stop matches:
  • Ambush

    A wooded battlefield complete with buildings, cars, mounds, and other structures. 

  • Fortress

    A battlefield designed to simulate an urban environment featuring 4 two-story buildings and 10 one-story buildings.

  • The Foundry

    A world class hyperball pipes paintball field on artificial turf that is all about angles and teamwork.

  • Havoc

    An indoor dart tag (Nerf) arena for players not quite ready for paintball and airsoft.

  • Sector 5

    An indoor airsoft field that has 40,000 square feet of exciting playing area comprised of battle hardened buildings, shipping containers, crates, and vehicles.

  • monday
    Closed/Private Groups
  • tuesday
    Closed/Private Groups
  • wednesday
    Closed/Private Groups
  • thursday
    Closed/Private Groups
  • friday
    Closed/Private Groups
  • saturday
    10:30am - 5:30pm
    Open Play
  • sunday
    1pm - 6pm
    Open Play
  • $59.99
    Combat Ready Package

    Players with their own equipment

    Includes 1 case of paintballs, field fee, and unlimited compressed air.
    See membership below for best value.

    Only paintballs purchased at Insane are allowed to be used. Violators may be asked to leave without refund.

  • $34.99
    • All Day Field Fee
    • Semi Automatic Paintball Gun
    • Air Tank w/All Day Fills
    • Full Coverage Face Mask
    • Barrel Cover
    • 200 paintballs

    • New Recruit 500 Package - $49.99 - Includes 500 paintballs

  • $12.50
  • $24.99

[PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE TAX] All prices are subject to change without notice.

single item rental
  • compressed air tank
  • chest protector
  • mask
  • thermal no fog mask
  • gun
  • barrel cover
    $6.99 [Yours to Keep]

[PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE TAX] All prices are subject to change without notice.


All players must fill out an online waiver before playing paintball. Click the following link to fill it out before you arrive on your mobile or desktop device. You can also fill it out on our waiver kiosk when you arrive to play. Parents or guardians must complete waivers for players under 18 years of age.


Yearly paintball memberships include FREE field fee any time you visit Insane Paintball, $49.99 cases of paintballs, and 10% off all retail store purchases. Rental kits not included.

Year starts January 1st and ends December 31st. Buy early to save more!

Members also get invited for special member only events and retail store sales!

Our Rules of Engagement: Safety Is Our #1 Priority

In order to play paintball at Insane Paintball, there are certain rules that must be adhered to:

1. When bringing your own equipment, you MUST have a barrel cover, and paintball mask with full eye, face, and ear protection. If you do not own one or both of these, we do have them available for rent and purchase in our Shop.

2. NEVER remove your mask/goggles in a shooting area or an area marked "Goggles On".

3. Barrel Covers MUST be used at all times before exiting a field or while in the staging area.

4. Guns must be velocity adjustable within the field limits. We do not allow speeds over 300 fps. We do check the speed of the guns before they go onto the field, and periodically through out the day.

5. No fighting, cursing, or physical contact of any type will be allowed.

6. Field Paint Only. Paint MUST be purchased from Insane Paintball to play on our playing fields.

7. Field Air Only. We do offer both Compressed Air, and CO2 so please do not bring your own fill stations.

8. Barrel plugs are not allowed. All paintball guns must use barrel covers as a barrel blocking device.

9. All electronic guns must be set to semi auto or current tournament standard rate of fire.

10. We recommend that all players be at least 8 years of age or older to play paintball, but younger players are allowed if they can follow the rules, are ok with getting shot, and if the masks properly fit them.

11. No blind shooting. Players must look in the direction they are firing to ensure they are not overshooting other players and referees. This also helps ensure that paintballs do not get shot over the safety netting.

All Safety Rules must be adhered to. Any violation of safety rules, (i.e., removing masks during games, not using barrel plugs or barrel condoms, shooting in safe area, etc) may result in ejection from the games, or from our field.

Please refer to an Insane Paintball employee if you have any questions.

Safety is our #1 priority! If the game is not safe, then the game is not fun. Please respect the safety of all players and observe all safety rules when playing paintball.

frequently asked questions

Listed below are the most questions we get everyday!

  • Why do you only allow mechanical or 5.5 bps maximum electronic paintball guns?

    Over the years we have played, offered, or been involved in every style of paintball. This has allowed us to witness both the good and bad of every format, industry change, and see how it affects both new and experienced players alike. We believe that fast electronic guns and reactive bounce triggers have caused much more harm to the industry over the years than many realize. The “classic” format allows only guns that shoot in mechanical (no batteries) mode, or electronic guns that shoot at a maximum of 5.5 balls per second to be used on the field. This ensures that players of all skill levels can play together without worry of getting overshot, frustrated, and ultimately quitting or not coming back to play in the future. It also keeps paint consumption lower which helps make paintball more budget friendly for the masses, and it allows players to play more paintball for the same money each time they visit.

    Insane Paintball believes in the long term growth of paintball and we feel that not allowing high rates of fire by electronic guns will encourage more new players to play, stick around, and become regulars over time.

    Feel free to give us a call at 423-624-2121 if you need to confirm whether or not your paintball gun is able to be played with at our facility.


  • Can I bring my own paintballs?

    Insane Paintball is a field paint only (FPO) playing facility, but you will find that we sell only high grade paintballs that shoot accurately and do not break in the guns. We sell non oil based paintballs that do not stain or cause problems when cleaning like many cheap paintballs tend to do.

  • Does it hurt to get shot?

    Most people hardly feel when they get shot due to their adrenaline flowing, but most hits feel like getting popped with a rubber band. If you wear the right clothing that is baggy and thick and protect your hands, head, and neck, you shouldn’t have an issue with it hurting. For paintball rental players we use a slightly smaller ball that has much less impact than the larger high impact paintballs that many people are familiar with. They shoot the same as the larger paintballs but have minimal sting due to the size which makes it fun for everyone. We recommend paintball for ages 8 and up.

    Airsoft hits feel very similar to paintball hits at long range but from close range they can sting a bit more since the bb does not break like a paintball. We recommend airsoft for ages 12 and up.

  • Can I show up to play by myself?

    Yes you can. Many players come out by themselves and team up with other players who have come to do the same, as it is a great way to make new friends. If you have never played before you may want to bring a friend, as you will probably have more fun with someone you know, but all players are welcome to come out alone and our friendly staff will be glad to help you find players to team up with.

  • What should I wear to play paintball?

    Baggy clothing that is comfortable to run and work out in is the best. Loose fitting pants and shirts tend to absorb the impact of the ball which lessens the sting of getting shot. Most players wear old jeans, sweat pants, or BDUs for their bottoms and long sleeve t-shirts, jackets, or hoodies are great for the upper body. For shoes, old tennis shoes, boots, or cleats work fine, and many players like to wear a beanie or hat for head protection.

  • How do I make a reservation for my group/birthday/etc.?

    Just call our Chattanooga retail store at 423-624-2121 and we will get you booked. Prices and information are available on our website in the “Groups” section located in the main menu or at the bottom of the paintball and airsoft information pages on our website.

  • How old must I be to play paintball?

    We recommend that all players be at least 8 years old to participate in paintball games. If you are confident that children younger than 8 will follow the rules, will be ok getting shot, and the safety masks fit them properly they can play.

  • Is paintball safe?

    Actually paintball is statistically one of the safest sports you can play. Recent studies by independent insurance companies have proven that paintball is actually safer, based on number of injuries per year, than golf, bowling, and tennis.

  • Are barrel covers/plugs required?

    Yes, our insurance requires players to use a barrel blocking device to ensure that players are safe when not on a field. We recommend barrel covers because they attach to the gun and can not be shot out, but barrel plugs are ok as well.

  • Do paintballs stain?

    No, but we recommend that you wear old clothes because you will be crawling, kneeling, and playing outdoors. Dirt from the fields is more likely to show on your clothes after you play than the paintballs themselves. Paintballs are water based, non toxic, and bio-degradable so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Do you rent paintball equipment?

    Yes, we rent all the necessary gear and safety equipment such as guns, tanks and masks. All you need to provide is the clothing you want to play in for the day. We do offer chest protectors as an upgrade rental if you would like to have one of those as well.

  • Do you fill CO2 and Compressed Air/Nitrogen?

    Yes, we fill both CO2 and Compressed air up to 4500psi.

  • What is the difference between paintball and airsoft?

    Airsoft uses 6mm plastic or biodegradable bb pellets that do not break on impact like a paintball. Airsoft requires the honor system by calling “hits” when shot where paintballs mark an opponent so you immediately know when you shoot a player. Pros to airsoft are that it is not messy, bb’s are very inexpensive since they are just small plastic balls, and the guns look like real firearms. Cons to airsoft are that it requires an honor system to know when someone is hit, it is hard to see the bb’s fly once they leave the barrel of the gun, and the airsoft guns are more difficult to work on than paintball guns as well as larger and a bit more cumbersome for smaller players. Both sports are very fun and offer something for everyone. We recommend paintball for ages 8 and up and airsoft for ages 12 and up.